Local Member for Goulburn and owners of Wakefield Park, Benalla Auto Club today issue a joint statement in relation to the current status of Wakefield Park.

Since the Land and Environment Court Ruling, and the subsequent decision by Benalla Auto Club to cease operations at Wakefield Park there has been a significant swell in public support for the facility.

Unfortunately, a plethora of misinformation has been circulated, and this statement aims to provide clarity on the matter.

Quotes attributed to CEO of Benalla Auto Club Steven Whyte:

“Whilst we appreciate the enormous support that was initially enacted by ‘Save Wakefield Park’, it has become quite clear to us that members of the group have a different vested interest which does not align with the reopening of Wakefield Park.

“Benalla Auto Club will make decisions in the best interest of our business and the motorsport community. Having said that, it is not realistic to think that we can operate the business 365 days a year and 7 days a week.

“Decisions which were made in the past have been regrettable. Under new management we intend to do business with respect and understanding of the core issues at the heart of the concerns raised by residents and decisions of the Court. 

“As a business we have enormous challenges ahead and we respect and appreciate the many discussions we have had with Wendy Tuckerman and her commitment in keeping commercial in confidence as a result of those discussions, even when being the subject of vitriol for doing so.

“BAC will continue to work closely with Goulburn Mulwaree Council, Wendy Tuckerman, Goulburn community and residents towards the reopening of Wakefield Park.

Quotes attributed to Local Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman MP:

“My focus has always been on the reopening of Wakefield Park for the benefit of my community – as well as the wider NSW motorsport industry. Those who know me understand I am a strong supporter of motorsport locally. This has been a challenge, but I genuinely want to see a long-term viable solution and will continue to work with BAC to achieve that end. Those that want to divert from the real issues by defaming and threatening me to achieve their own agenda will not diminish my focus to solving this issue.”

“If the Labor candidate truly wants to be respected by this community, he needs to exhibit a real desire to truly understanding the genuine issues the business faces to reopen. He needs to stand up to his leader, admonish the lie and fight for a real solution.