I have been advised that Rye Park Public School currently has four students enrolled and, in 2023, this number will be reduced to a single student.

Earlier in 2022, consultation began with the community of Rye Park Public School regarding the future operation of the school. The Director, Educational Leadership, Yass Principals Network, engaged with the School Principal, the carer/parent of the enrolled student and the local NSW Teachers Federation Organiser to investigate options for the future delivery of education at Rye Park Public School. This included time to boost enrolments.

As I understand because there were no additional confirmed enrolments, the recommendation has been made to place the school into recess for two years. A review process will be conducted at the end of this timeframe. Placing a school into recess does not mean it is closed.

At the end of the day, education resources will be delivered where there is a need, and “possible enrolments” are not actual enrolments. Should enrolments increase the situation will be reassessed.