As the community is aware, in October 2021 a devastating fire destroyed the Ward 15 building.

On 25 November 2021 an Order under section 120 of the Heritage Act 1977 was served to the owners to immediately make safe the fire affected area.

On 13 December 2021, the Chair of the Heritage council, Executive Director HNSW, NSW

Police and Council met to inspect the fire ground and wider Kenmore listing to understand the scale of the work and ensure minimum standards of maintenance and repair are met.

I recently met with the newly appointed Minister for Environment and Heritage James Griffin to discuss progress on the Kenmore matter and to reiterate my commitment to ensure the preservation of the Kenmore Hospital Precinct.

I am pleased to advise that HNSW has recently issued a second Order under section 120 of the

Heritage Act 1977 to the owners of Kenmore, in a further step to ensure the entire heritage listing is brought up to minimum standards.

A hazardous materials report (commissioned by HNSW) of the fire site has shown the presence of asbestos and lead. This further adds to my concern for safety on the site.

Despite recent evidence of attempts to clean the grounds, board up access points, the entire

Kenmore precinct remains neglected by distant owners who appear to hold no regard or respect to the Goulburn community and our heritage values.

The Heritage Council of NSW and HNSW continue to seek action from the owners and their representatives to develop a Master Plan for the site. Any planning work should include close engagement with Goulburn Mulwaree Council.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council have proven – through the completion of Goulburn Performing Arts

Centre – that adaptive reuse of our precious heritage buildings is possible and can deliver magnificent results. The Minister assured me that the Heritage Council of NSW and Heritage NSW are committed to the site and to achieving short and long term heritage outcomes for the people of Goulburn.