The NSW Government’s successful ‘Let’s Do This’ advertising campaign is expanding to encourage everyone 16 years and older to get their COVID-19 booster shot.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman said the Stave Government is reinforcing the importance of getting a COVID-19 booster to reduce the risk of severe illness and to help protect communities.

“While we celebrate the resilience and strength of the NSW community, I encourage everyone aged 16 years and older to get their booster shot three months after their second dose,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“NSW has one of highest vaccination rates in the world, but ensuring everyone gets their booster is key to strengthening our protection against variants like Omicron.

“It’s never been easier to get a COVID-19 vaccine. So go out, get that third shot as soon as you’re eligible and protect yourself, your family and your friends.”

Mrs Tuckerman reminded people of the importance of a booster, regardless of whether they’ve had the virus.

“The fact that you’ve had COVID-19 doesn’t necessarily mean you can can’t get it again and the next time you may end up in ICU or worse,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“To be fully vaccinated and have the best protection possible – go and get the booster four to six weeks after recovering from the virus.”

“It’s been a tough two years but we can’t lose sight of what we’re all aiming for, which is to get everyday life back to as close as normal as possible,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

Anyone aged five and older can get vaccinated, and booster appointments are available to everyone aged 16 and older. They are available at pharmacies, GPs, Aboriginal Medical Services, and more than 40 NSW Health clinics, as well as outreach and pop-up clinics open across the State. Anyone with questions about COVID-19 vaccinations should speak to their GP or a pharmacist.

Vaccinations can be booked by calling the COVID-19 helpline on 1800 020 080 for assistance or via