I have been contacted by many concerned constituents seeking details on when lockdown will be eased across LGAs in the Goulburn

I certainly share the discontent of the communities across Goulburn Mulwaree and Wingecarribee who have remained under the stay-at-home orders, as well as the great disappointment of Yass and Hilltops who have both returned to stay-at-home after having their restrictions eased. I have also heard frustrations of people who hear news of relaxed restrictions of LGAs with similar case numbers to those in the Goulburn electorate and I want to clarify on what constitutes a region being under stay-at-home orders.

The announcement of eased restrictions came to LGAs without an active case for 14 days and, I want to emphasise this, were deemed low risk.

An example of factors which contribute to risk can include the mobility of our workforce (particularly between areas of concern), rates of sewage detection, the origin of the active cases, compliance to the health orders and more. The impact of these factors will not be specifically released by each case as, I’m sure we can all appreciate that in tight-knit communities like ours, anonymity can easily be lost.

The placement of the stay-at-home restrictions is not a decision taken lightly but it is one which I respect the judgment of our Health and Police experts, who are on the frontline of this pandemic each day and night.

More than anyone, I want to see the entire region open for business and leisure as soon as possible. More vaccines are arriving each day, and appointments opening via: