The health of NSW border residents, including Goulburn and surrounds, should not be compromised due to lack of preparation from the ACT Government and the lack of clear guidelines.

The issuing of vaccines, particularly the second dose, I consider to be urgent and essential. This needs to be specifically defined in any standing exemption order.

I continue to be contacted by countless constituents whom are frustrated with the exemption process in order to enter the ACT for their second dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

I have heard so many inconsistencies in the process of who is allowed to enter Canberra and for what purpose, and even stories of people being approved to then cross the border but denied their vaccine appointment upon arrival.

As the Member for Goulburn, I call on ACT Health to ensure hassle free exemptions for all medical appointments including vaccinations.

To be clear, I do not mean just within the border bubble but all persons seeking vaccination within the footprint of Southern NSW Local Health District.

My constituents of Goulburn are trying to do the right thing and keep our communities safe.  They should not be caught up in red tape.   

I have met with ACT Health representatives, the NSW Cross Border Commissioner and NSW Health to work through these issues however, frustratingly, they remain unresolved.

In addition, I have spoken to the NSW Deputy Premier, Minister for Health, Cross Border Commissioner and Chief Executive for SNSWLHD to strongly advocate the need for a local vaccine hub immediately.

I acknowledge the undue stress and anxiety this is causing our regional communities and will keep you informed on the matter.