Lola Stravoskoufis from Exeter will join seventeen other young people from across regional NSW as a member of the NSW Government’s Regional Youth Taskforce.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman congratulated 13-year-old Lola on her appointment to the Taskforce.

“This is great news for the young people of Goulburn, Lola will be part of a really important initiative and will work with their peers from across the state to deliver real change and practical benefits for regional young people,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

Minister for Regional Youth Bronnie Taylor said the second-year cohort will build on their predecessors’ achievements, which included improvements to education, digital connectivity and public transport.

“The incredible young leaders from our first ever Taskforce were integral in pushing for an online licensing scheme which cut a lot of red tape and is already saving young people a long trip to a Service NSW center,” Mrs Taylor said.

“The 2019/20 Taskforce also helped shape holiday programs that gave hundreds of young people in drought and bushfire affected areas the chance to attend recreation camps, skills programs and community activities for free.

“The new Taskforce will have big shoes to fill, but I am really excited by their potential and am eager to hear their views on how the NSW Government can continue to make life better for young people living in the bush.”

The group, which includes two young people from each of the state’s nine regions, will meet for the first time later this month in Coffs Harbour to discuss the topic ‘work-readiness’, one of the pillars outlined in the Regional Youth Framework.

“Our 18 new members will drive policy change and advocate for real outcomes for young people, continuing to be the voice of regional youth at the highest level in their state,” Mrs Taylor said.

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