Hard-working Seniors will soon be able to save hundreds of dollars a year through the NSW Government’s new Seniors Savers Card.

Member for Goulburn, Wendy Tuckerman said all people aged over 60 and working more than 20 hours a week will be eligible to receive discounts at more than 7000 businesses across the state including restaurants, cinema tickets and hairdressers.

“Seniors who choose to stay in the workforce can benefit from the thousands of discounts and services under the NSW Seniors Card Program,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

Previously, only seniors over the age of 60 working less than 20 hours a week were able to access the Seniors Card.

“I know many seniors in our community are feeling the growing pressure of everyday living costs so this new card means they can save money for the things that matter to them”, Mrs Tuckerman said.

Minister for Seniors John Sidoti said the NSW Government recognises and values the contribution seniors make to our society.

“With people working longer and retiring later, fewer are qualifying for a Seniors Card at age 60, so the introduction of this new card means seniors across the state won’t miss out on being part of the savings bonanza,” Minister Sidoti said.

The Seniors Savers Card is one of more than 70 NSW Government rebates and savings available as part of the NSW Government’s Cost of Living initiative.

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