The NSW government is delivering on its promise to support families with 60 of the new ‘baby bundles’ so far distributed to babies born in Goulburn since January 1.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman recently met two new mums at Goulburn Maternity Ward to discuss how valuable the ‘baby bundle’ was for their boys, born in Goulburn earlier this year.

Bec Gay, baby Karter Citra held by Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman, Amy Gann holding Fletcher Gann and sister Pippa Gann.

The bag, valued at $300, includes a sleeping bag, play and change mats, thermometers and a first aid kit as well as practical information and a free first-aid course. The bags are provided to parents and caregivers on discharge from hospital after they welcome their newborn into the world.

“This Bundle is our gift for any baby born in Goulburn from the 1st of January – there have been over 60 so far,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“The pack includes products and information to support the health, development and well-being of their babies.

“We know there are lots of expenses associated with having a child, so this bundle will include some necessities too, to help alleviate some of those cost pressures,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

Bec, mum to baby Karter Wayan Citra born 11January, and Amy, mum to Fletcher Campbell Gann born 23 January, were both pleased to receive the bags.

“The Baby Bundle was great, especially for a first-time mum like me. It’s quite hard to know what you really need and what products are good, so getting the essentials as you walk out the door just one less thing to think about,” Ms Gay said

“We were so surprised with how good the bags were and the quality of what was inside, everything was there ready to go,” Mrs Gann said.

The contents of the Baby Bundle meet Australian safety standards and include:

  • sleeping bag
  • play and change mats
  • muslin wrap
  • bath and room thermometers
  • baby toothbrush
  • breast pads
  • first aid kit
  • board books
  • face cloth
  • baby wipes
  • hand sanitiser
  • barrier cream
  • Blue Book
  • Resources on child development and parental wellbein